Heard Island – Useful Links

The most important link you can bookmark is back to this blog site and to my Facebook page.  Once I leave Sydney in early March 2016 my objective is to provide regular updates from the expedition as we-

  • complete the loading of the Braveheart, the vessel that will take us from Cape Town to Heard Island.
  • sail deeper into the Souther Ocean, dropping NOAA drift buoys at predetermined locations as we go further south
  • go about the establishment of the base camp on Heard Island
  • undertake the field science projects
  • and finally break camp, reboard Braveheart and head for Fremantle, Australia.


But there’s also some other sites that you might like to check out:

Official Heard Island Expedition site

Australian Antarctic Division – some very useful background about Heard Island  and some great photo galleries by subject –


Heard Island Management Plan

Tangaroa Blue – read how this organisation is supporting the Australian Marine Initiative.


And of course for this sponsors that have assisted me in getting to Heard Island.  Thank you – I’m looking forward to sharing photos, video and stories with you on my return:


Kathmandu,  Thanks for the awesome clothing wardrobe.   I’m sure is going to get a workout during my time on the island.



GoalZero_BannerGOALZERO Australia.   thanks guys for continuing to support me with portable power options as I continue from one crazy adventure to the next.




ad-ven-ture (noun): unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

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