For 3 weeks of March 2016 I was camped in one of the most remote areas of the world.  Heard Island lies approx. 3,500 kilometres to the south west of Australia, deep in the southern ocean.


And I loved it.  It was extreme for all sorts of reasons –

  • the landscape.  Bigger, rougher, just around unbelievable.  I spent many days walking AAD_Laurens Peninsula-4322from Base Camp or from our camp on Laurens Peninsula to sample collection areas. And when-ever and where-ever we went were were overwhelmed by the experience.  Sensory Overload
  • the weather.  We had it all, sunny and calm, cold and frosty, driving hail, sand storms on the Nullarbor through to snow on the last days as we packed up to return home.  The island was constantly changing and I enjoyed watching it all happen in front of me.
  • the wildlife.  From this perspective it will be a “never to be repeated experience”.  HI_LP1-4762Fur seal, Elephant Seals, the mighty Leopard Seal, so manny penguins (King, Gento, Rock Hopper and Macaroni) and the Giant Petrels.  It was so easy to sit back and watch them all entertain.  Yet they “owned” the island and were prepared to let you know about it as well if you got to close.

Just being there was an amazing experience, thinking that your were possibly the only human to have been in that particular area for at least 15 years and on the odd occasion, to think that maybe nobody had ever been there before.

I’m glad I chased down this adventure opportunity made my way to Heard.  Thanks to the team that pulled this off and now, on to my next adventure…….


Here’s links to my blog stories from Heard Island –

Power Of The Sea, some back ground to the changes forced on Heard Island by a significant storm event that struck the Southern Coean in 2015.

What Waste – Marine Debris on Heard Island.  Despite being below the major mean currents, where theoretically no waste should drift we were surprised at the volume of plastic waste that was on the western shores of Heard Island.

A  morning walk on Heard Island.  Escaping from the office (Base Camp) was an unequalled opportunity.  Where else would you see so much variety of animal and bird life.  Take a quick browse through this photo gallery.

Mt Drygalski.  Only a short distance from our Base Camp the short climb up Mt Drygalski offered some rewarding views over South West Bay and Corinthian Bay plus Laurens Peninsula to the north.



ad-ven-ture (noun): unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

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