School Outreach from Heard Island

Several members of the Heard Island team have partnered with schools to provide an “outreach from Heard Island” experience to the classrooms.

I have the opportunity to work with a year 7/8 class of boys at Wellesley College In Wellington plus a classroom taught by Bryn Rees at Merrilands School in New Plymouth.

The rough format is to have each classroom working on their own selected topic –

  • Wellesley – Penguins
  • Merrilands – plastic debris

They are doing there own work in the classroom and they have provided a list of questions that they would like answers from while I’m on Heard Island.  I just need the weather to co-operate and allow me to reach the locations I need to do a little bit of “on the spot” work for them.

My aim is to wrap the Heard Island material into a short video and send it back  to be viewed from the page for each classroom.  We also want to do a “real time” connection with each classroom and phone in while I’m on the island and pass on first hand my experiences and what it is like to be living at one of the remotest locations in the world.

So lets’s see how it goes…..


5 March.



ad-ven-ture (noun): unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity

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