GoalZero – Portable Power

GoalZero-1030021I’m really pleased to have received confirmation today that once again the team from GoalZero Australia are supporting me as I prepare for another Extreme Adventure.

These guys have been with me now for just over 4 years as I’ve tackled various mountains of the 7 Summits, trekked in Australia and New Zealand and now they are coming along for the ride to Heard Island.

This next adventure is a little different.  We will be mobile around the island – bristling with electronics.  Digital and video camera’s, GPS units, and drones.  The batteries in all of these items will be “stressed” in the cold and as we make use of them they will require recharging – preferably without having to continually make our way back to base camp to top up from the generators.

That’s where the GoalZero equipment comes in.  Their high capacity rechargeable batteries will allow us to top up while we are out in the field and reduce the need to return to base camp.

Thanks to the team at GoalZero – I’m looking forward to keeping you updated with the Heard Island Expedition.






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