“A” is for Adventure – right?


Well the “A” in my Heard Island adventure just got a little bigger!

Heard Island - screen grab #1

Heard Island from Offshore  (Photo source: Institute Of Marine and Antarctic Studies)

You are probably not aware but the “Investigator”, a CSIRO research vessel is currently in the Heard Island area and earlier in the week they reported vapour plumes from the summit of Mawson peak and lava flowing on the south western side of the peak.

Heard Island is once again active, and our expedition is due to land there in just 5 weeks.  There has already been a suggestion the field science team should be trying to recover a sample of the new lava that’s flowing down the mountain side!

To view the video from the team on the “Investigator” follow this link.

Heard Island - screen grab #2
Mawson Peak with vapour plumes disipating in the wind (Source Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies)

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