First Ever Drone flight on Heard Island

Swellprologo #1

I took a Splashdrone quadcopter with me to Heard Island, the promise of a drone capable of operating in a wet environment  was just what I thought I needed.

In the end the opportunities to fly the drone on Heard Island were limited.  There were several days around Base Camp when the winds were low – unfortunately at those times I was camped miles away on the Laurens Peninsula.

In the end I only flew the drone on the last 2 days before leaving Heard Island.  On each occasion the flights were short 5-10 minute opportunities.  But they were the first ever drone flights on Heard Island.

Here’s some video to prove it really happened. The conditions were not perfect by any stretch of the imagination as you can see from the pitch and roll. (this is not special effects) and then on the last day the snow came to town creating some awesome imagery.



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