I Need to Vary My Training Programme!

Requirement – Variation!

There’s only so many weights sessions, aerobic’s classes and spin bike rides I can do before the monotony starts to set in. And with 5 more months before we leave for Mt Denali I cannot afford to reduce my training effort.  It’s a competition and I’m sure I’m coming second.


So how do I solve that problem? – easy. Head for the hills. – BIG hills and with a heavy back pack.

Fast forward 2 weeks from today and I’ll be in Arthurs Pass area of the NZ Southern Alps with Hugh and Bridie,  eying up some awesome scenery as we set out for 15 days trekking around the Polar Range area and then finishing with 5 days walk through the 3 Passes to Hokitika.

And thanks to Lindsay at Kathmandu we’ve found ourselves small players in a large project – one to raise awareness about the Kea, NZ’s native and the world’s only mountain parrot.

Like this blog  and stay in touch with this new min adventure project as it unfolds over the next few weeks..

NZ Kea – to inquisitive for their own good.

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